The District Weekly

On The District Weekly you used to find out the most recent information about the different things that happen these days. One of the latest news was that Jean Comstock, the retired City Clerk from long Beach has died at the age of 79 on September 24. Yet, the Column One written by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Los Angeles Times does not seem as much as it would like to be a memorial in the honor of the former city official. This piece of column seems to however remind ourselves that in death we as human beings lose control of ourselves and the effect that we used to have on the world. This is obviously contrasting one's actions during the life. The question to the answer remains whether death should erase our worldly effects.

The District Weekly also kept you informed about the many things happening around you and which you may want to take part of. for instance, you may want to take part to the Native Garden Workday and help cleaning up the beach as well as you may want to learn about the native and water-wise gardening during the 'Out of the Wilds' event. If you are passionate about drawings, Sweet Subversives may be the right place to be for admiring Contemporary California drawings. If museums are your type of things, then you should follow the dialogues on the Chapters on Latin American in the Museum of Latin American Art. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a bit of entertainment you may want to try out Mr. Mister Miyagi: they play, you sing.

The District Weekly also offered you the news that you simply needed to know. For instance, a must know is Pastrana's preparation to take the plunge off pine for the New Year's. On this section you also found out what there was to do between two major winter holidays, Christmas and New Year's and find out more about jobs that could be available for you.